Secretaries’ Circle welcomed aboard USCG Barque EAGLE

The Secretaries’ Circle again shared its strong commitment for the National Coast Guard Museum by hosting a gala event in the Big Apple, as a dozen dignitaries and notable members of New York City’s political and cultural circles were welcomed aboard USCG Barque EAGLE.

The tall ship was the shining star of an elegant luncheon on the Hudson River, as guests dined on board and heard all the latest news about the National Coast Guard Museum. The luncheon sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. George White, who are Waterford, CT residents, took place on Aug. 5 while the EAGLE was docked at Intrepid Pier in New York. George White has been a strong supporter of the National Coast Guard Museum effort, having hosted many EAGLE events and spent many years as a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.