We at the National Coast Guard Museum Association, Inc. are grateful to the Congress and President Trump for the $5 million included in this year’s budget for the National Coast Guard Museum to be built in New London, Connecticut.

The bipartisan support that delivered this federal funding represents a critical new component in establishing a private-public partnership necessary to move the project forward. The funding allows the Coast Guard to fully participate in the exhibit design process, and will assist private fundraising efforts by showing the federal government is as committed to the National Coast Guard Museum project, as are the City of New London, State of Connecticut, and our private donors.

With the momentum provided by this important development, we will be moving forward with the design and approval process to create a lasting tribute to the heroic men and women of the United States Coast Guard.

In particular, we appreciate the support and dedication of members of the Connecticut delegation, for all they have done, and continue to do to ensure our success.

Richard J. Grahn
President & CEO
National Coast Guard Museum Association, Inc.

Become a National Coast Guard Museum Plankowner


One of the many prestigious designations that can be bestowed upon an individual in the maritime world is that of “Plankowner.” In nautical terms, a Plankowner is any individual who served as a member of the original crew comprised to build and commission a new vessel. The origin of the phrase denotes that this individual was around when the ship was being constructed, and up to the date of that unit being fully commissioned and placed into service. As a member of the original crew, an individual earns the title, “Plankowner.”



Perhaps the most rewarding part of any worthwhile project, is that moment when an early vision actually begins to take shape through the work of a dedicated team. Mission statements and vision concepts are critical in developing the necessary enthusiasm, but the success of any endeavor ultimately comes down to the hard work and performance of the people committed to achieving success. This is what is happening now at the National Coast Guard Museum Association, Inc. as we move All Ahead Full toward building the first and only museum dedicated solely to the history, sacrifices, and aspirations of the men and women of United States Coast Guard.


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